Shivaji University, Kolhapur

Notification for university approved Research Guide/ Supervisor (M.Phil./Ph.D.)

[Regarding vacant seats]

In view of the University Grants Commission, New Delhi, Regulation 2016 (Minimum Standards and Procedure for Award of M.PHIL./PH.D. Degree) dated 5th July 2016, all university approved (full time regular teachers) Research Guides/Supervisors (M.Phil./Ph.D.) are hereby informed to submit vacant seats for M.Phil. and Ph.D.

([The respective research guide / supervisor is required to read all instructions mentioned below carefully and click “Ok” button, which is provided at the end of instructions, to open M.Phil., Ph.D. Intake Form])


As per U.G.C. guidelines mentioned above, a Research Guide / Supervisor will guide (as a guide or co-guide) up to maximum students as follows :-
Designation M.Phil Ph.D.
Professor 3 8
Associate Professor 2 6
Assistant Professor 1 4


An approved research guide / supervisor (M.Phil./Ph.D.) submitting the vacancy, need to be a full time regular teacher (approved) of Shivaji University.


Those approved research guide / supervisor of Shivaji University, who are not in the service of this University / College affiliated to this University are not allowed to submit the vacant seats.


The research guide \supervisor is required to submit the hard copy of filled in online form, to Inward Section Shivaji University or send through email on before 5th September 2017 upto 6.p.m., failing which the vacant seats will not be considered for further process


Those approved research guide/supervisor who have submitted the vacancy during 7 October to 15 December 2016, need to submit present vacancy status through the guide ID provided earlier. However, those research guide/supervisor who have not submitted vacancy earlier, need to fill online form and submit the hard copy.


An approved research guide/supervisor need to submit the vacancy, considering the intake quota prescribed at above and number of present research scholar (ongoing research).